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I have owned and run the Surfskischool in Durban since 2006. With a vast experience in teaching people to paddle and a passion to grow the sport of surfski paddle the Surfskischool is the perfect place to start.

We have all the kit so all you need to do is book yourself a lesson and come play in the ocean. Lessons happen from the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club on Addington beach on a Wednesday and Saturday morning with a number of level classes at a cost of R 500 for 3 lessons.

Booking is essential to get a ski via ams to 0836600936 or email durbansurfskischool@gmail.com.
I also offer one on one classes as well as training programs on request.

Surfskischool Durban – Xmas Special for 2017

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The Surfskischool in Durban is entering a new era in Durban with a partnership with the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club in 2017.

I will be working with Russell Sadler in making sure people entering the sport are looked after.

We are opening on the 7th of January 2017 with a special, the first 8 people book a 5 session course will get a free “SURFSKI with the pro’s” book.


Email surfskischooldurban@gmail.com for info and bookings.

GoPro Video – Day in the Life of a Varsity College Student

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I just love this video, using GoPro’s to tell a cool story of what life is like as a Varsity College student. 8 students were given GoPro’s to film their average day and this is the result.

Varsity College students live the slogan “take life to the next level” in every way, from adding to their skill in the lecture rooms, living a balanced life with the SportsLife program and networking with their peers.

I love how the VC Sport Life Program is so prominent in the video, with students using sports like paddling and surfing to opens so many doors, keep healthy and meet like minded people.

Varsity College SportLife Practice Video

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Durban has a very strong water sports culture and it is no wonder that the paddling clubs on the Varsity College Campuses are really taking off. I have taken a number of sessions getting the surfski club going and it is awesome to see the current SportsLife captains continuing the fun of being active on their campuses today.

One of the Durban North Students Tom Lovemore put this video together of their surfski practice last week and it just inspires me to go paddling. Nice work Tom!

If you would like to get involved in the surfski club on a Varsity College Campus get hold of me on barry@barrylewin.co.za and I can point you in the right direction or check out www.varsitycollege.co.za


She Said “YES”

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To put into words the highs of the last week would never be possible. I am the luckiest dude on the planet to have an amazing woman by my side to share life with.

Well I went down on one knee out at sea last week to ask her to marry me, shaking with nerves and my heart on my sleeve.

Can you believe it, SHE SAID YES!!!!

Carly you are the love of my life, I can’t wait to call you my wife and growing old with you is going to be a priceless privilege!!!!

Thanks to family and friends from around the world for the love and support. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

Sharing Your Story – Edition 4 – Sport Life with Clint Cook

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In this blog series, ‘Sharing Your Story’, I attempt to share the stories I come across that inspire me. In this addition I interview Clint Cook, a top paddler in our Durban community, as he goes through the challenges of leaving Varsity College and finding his first full time job.

In tough economic times where jobs are few, you need to stand out from the crowd and have skills to add value to the job market. The success Clint has had, I believe is directly a result of the environment he has been involved in, as part of the Sports Life program at Varsity College.

I have known Clint since he moved from Joberg to Durban some year’s back, having seen him has grow as a paddler and a strong personality off the water too. I have had the privilege of him work for me as a coach at my Surfskischool in Durban and was blown away by his friendly nature and great people skills.

Clint recently went for his first job interviews and has been successful a landing a position with a top Durban firm. I shared some of his experiences over this time and couldn’t help feel inspired for the students leaving Varsity College.

I have had a long relationship with Varsity College, first as a student and believe that the skills I learnt there prepared me for the challenges of owning my own business. Their focus of preparing students not just to pass, but for the working world has always been a stand out, with sport and part time work off campus, always being at the forefront of this mantra.

Sport Life (Varsity College’s Sporting Clubs on campus) offer students the opportunity to get involved in sports, network and live a healthier lifestyle, preparing them for success. It is awesome to see this program has impacted so positively on Clint and others.


Here is the interview:

BL. How were you first introduced to Varsity College?

CC. I was introduced to Varsity College by Grant Van Der Walt (Sports Life Captain on the Durban North Campus). I had made a return to paddling after a 2 year gap and Grant suggested I sign up.

BL. What did you decide to study?

CC. I studied an HCBPP (Higher certificate in Business principles and practice) and a BCom in Financial management.

BL. How did you involved with Sport Life on campus?

CC. When I went for my interview with Varsity College, The Principle, Keith and Student Adviser, Jo Taylor recommended I get involved with the Sports life program as canoeing was a sport offered by VC.

BL. What skills did you pick up at VC that stand you apart from your peers?

CC. VC taught me how to be myself, be an individual and stand tall. It also taught me that hard work pays off.

BL. What did you learn from sport outside the class?

CC. Sport has taught me that what you put in, is what you get out. It has given me self discipline and a sense of purpose.

BL. What part time work did you do outside of VC to build your skills?

CC. In 2015 I worked as a part time Surf Ski coach at the Surfskischool. This was great as a means of making extra cash, as well as teaching and sharing my love for paddling with others.

BL. How did the skills learnt though your years as a student impact your interviewing for your first job?

CC. When I interviewed for my first job, I knew I had the necessary skills to face any challenge as well as cope with anything that the job may throw at me. Lucie Bouwer from the VC careers Centre was a great help and mentor and gave solid advice.

BL. What were the defining factors in you getting the position?

CC. My passion for sports as well as my achievements, and the higher education and skills I gained from studying my degree through VC.

BL. How do you believe VC has prepared you for the work place now that you are in the working world?

CC. VC offered me a platform to jumpstart my life, the amount of things that VC has taught me is completely invaluable and these things will now stay with me for life.

BL. What advice would you give students starting out at VC?

CC. For students starting at VC, I suggest you get involved, get stuck in. Work hard, make friends with the Lecturers and staff, these relationships provide you with bridges to a better future.

BL. What advice would give a student going for his/her first interview?

CC. For a student interviewing, I would say that VC has taught you what you need to know, and with that qualification behind you there’s nothing you can’t do.

Thanks to Clint for sharing and good luck with a successful career.

Over Board Partnership

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I am really excited to announce I will be partnering with Over Board Africa.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.45.38 AM

I have been testing some of the Over Board waterproof products over the last couple weeks and have been blown away by the quality and functionality of their stuff.

Some of the products I have been using include:

Waterproof Phone Case

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.32.30 AM

Keeps my phone safe and easy to use in the water. For general beach use it also keeps the sand, dust and salt off my phone to which is a huge one for me with the cost of phones at the moment.

Water Proof Back Pack

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.36.16 AM

Spending so much time on the beach this keeps the sea, salt and sand out my kit.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.35.42 AM

Travel is always just around the corner and this will house all my gear with ease.

Just this weekend I went away and got to use all of my overboard stuff in 1 day. Big thanks to Reg and the team for the support and I am looking forward to pushing out a full review on some of these products soon!

Check out their full range on their website www.overboardafrica.co.za

Follow Over Board here too:


Over Board products are available thought Expression on the Beach right next to the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club on the Durban beachfront if you want to view some of their awesome products too. Check them out here


The Business School at Varsity College

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Though my relationship with Varsity College I have been exposed to a number of different parts to their offering as a learning facility.image002I started in full time classes, at their Durban City town campus in 2002 and it amazes me how things have evolved. I love walking through the Varsity College campus’s of today, as the hallways exude a vibe that is young, fun, yet professional. The inspiring quotes on the walls pushing the purpose of why the students walk the halls, to expand their knowledge and open their minds.

As Varsity College has evolved so has their part time offering. This section of Varsity College has recently taken on a new look and feel under new name “The Business School at Varsity College”

In my studying career, I did a number of class’s part time, and believe it was very influential on the way I do business today. The people in my lectures had great practical examples, real world experience and a unique perspective I hadn’t found in full time classes.

It even shows in how the Business Schools see themselves. Check out their intro from their website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.51.21 PM

I wanted to know more about the Business school, so organized to sit in on a lecture this last week.

Walking into the class I got a warm greeting from the lecturer and students (all business owners themselves). Most were chatting in groups like old friends having done a couple of weeks together already in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Course. The proceedings kicked of with a 15min open floor chat relating to what was happing in the students businesses. This was awesome for me, a business owner myself, seeing others with similar struggles and successes.

The experience was a blast from the past in some ways for me, seeing open minds, interacting and learning from one another as I did during my degree. The look and feel of the Business School may have changed but the ethos of preparing students for industry and their careers is still the focal point of the learning.

I was impressed with the lecturer in navigating and nurturing the high level of interaction between the students. He added structured theory to the student’s practical applications and even offered in some examples from his own business (also being from industry like the students made it easier for the students to relate).

I certainly come away from the experience with one thing being very clear, “We Never Stop Learning”

Now that may seem cliché, but seeing 20 business owners, taking on the world, trying to improve themselves and there business, is really inspiring. At no stage do we as humans do ourselves any favors by sitting still and resting on our loral’s. It’s by getting out there and challenging ourselves that we grow.

I certainly will be challenging myself more leading into 2016. I challenge you to do the same. If you would like the challenge to be a course at the Business School check out their website at www.thebusinessschool.co.za for the courses they offer.

You are also welcome to drop me a email with any questions to barry@barrylewin.co.za

Imfolozi Lessons

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My connection with nature manifests mostly in the sea, as that where I spend most of my time. I love the freedom of the ocean and it will be always be MY THING, but on the very rare occasion I get to head to the bush, and it always teaches me new lessons.

Most of all nature teaches perspective and what important to a wandering mind. The last couple weeks have been hectic and there is a lot in the air right now in my life, like moving house (and I still don’t have one to move to), to travel plans, to new work projects.

The freedom of riding my bike in the pissing rain, in the middle of a wilderness area, kind of just made everything make sense again.

No matter what it happening in your life, the thinking spaces that will help you make sense of it all will always be in nature. The more you get out in the sea for a surf, on a downwind all alone with the runs or in the mountains, the more enriched your life will be with clarity. Get out there and DO MORE in the open air!

Here are some GoPro Shots from an awesome weekend.