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I have owned and run the Surfskischool in Durban since 2006. With a vast experience in teaching people to paddle and a passion to grow the sport of surfski paddle the Surfskischool is the perfect place to start.

We have all the kit so all you need to do is book yourself a lesson and come play in the ocean. Lessons happen from the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club on Addington beach on a Wednesday and Saturday morning with a number of level classes at a cost of R 500 for 3 lessons.

Booking is essential to get a ski via ams to 0836600936 or email durbansurfskischool@gmail.com.
I also offer one on one classes as well as training programs on request.

Durban Surfskischool – Windy Season Time Changes

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

Surfskischool Logo

Durban is a cracker place to paddle year round and this year has not disappointed with ideal paddling conditions throughout. Winter, yes we never see it and paddling goes on.

The last week we have seen a class or two cancelled due to the wind, now that we start getting out of the non-existent winter and into summer the wind really starts to blow. The back and forth NE and SW over the next two month has seen us cancel a ton of classes but we have a plan for 2014.

Just because the wind is blowing on a Saturday or Wednesday don’t mean the whole week is bad. We are going to be opening up the Surfskischool times to the days of the week with the best conditions between Tuesday and Saturday. You will get an sms (for those already part of the school, to subscribe sms 0836600936) on a Monday letting you know which are the best days.

It will be up to you to then book a class with us when it suits you. Simple sms the Surfskischool phone number on 0836600936. We are going to be doing this for the months of August and September.

A note, please don’t pitch without booking on a Saturday and expect a class for this time, the school only happens on bookings only. We need to know you coming.

The cost for the classes will be very simple. The normal R 500 for 3 classes or R 200 for a once off. Please note of you sign up for 3 we cant guarantee exact times for the next 2 months so please be patient with us, we are trying to give you the best possible paddling.

For more info on the school or to ask an questions please mail durbansurfskischool@gmail.com or check out our website here

Sunrise at the Durban Surfskischool – Video

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I often rage about my home town of Durban on social media and how awesome it is to paddle here. Well I am not lying and think I have travelled sufficiently to state, Durban is the best place in the world to paddling in winter.

I had a GoPro handy to take some pics I popped into a time laps of the Durban Surfskischool class on Wednesday. This is what we are treated to on a daily basis. TOO COOL. It may be short but enjoy!

If you are interested in learning to paddle in Durban give me a shout on 0836600936 to book a session!

This is what it is all about – Downwind

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I get asked some very common questions when new comers arrive for their first surfski lesson, “Why did you take up the sport?” “Why do you love surfski paddling so much?” Why are you still going after so many years?”

My answer is simple – DOWNWIND

The totally dynamic nature of the sea, how it is always changing and finding a flow in the what can seem chaos. I love going downwind and you will too if you get good enough to experience this:

Amazing downwind surfski paddling from Epic Kayaks on Vimeo.

Varsity College Schools Coaching Program 2014

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The Durban Surfskischool has been proud to team up with the Varsity College Marine Surfski Series over the last 4 years to provide free coaching clinics to the schools ahead of the Varsity College SA Schools Surfski Champs on the 14th of March.


This will be the 5th running of this prestigious event that aims to grow the sport of surfski paddling country wide. The event teams up with Surfskischool branches in Durban and Cape Town to introduce kids to the sport and identify talent that are training for the event.

The coaching clinics in Durban are currently under way with the Glenwood having a number of very promising kids taking part in the clinics and the events so far. There are a couple more clinics to come on the following dates:

1 March 2014

8 March 2014

If anyone is interesting in getting involved or would like their school involved please give the school a shout on durbansurfskischool@gmail.com


Surfskischool kicks the year off with a BANG.

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The Surfskischool in Durban is up and running again for the year and have had a great response to opening for 2014. New people and big smiles enjoying the stoke of taking up the sport and enjoying some great summer Durban weather.

Surfskischool – Price Changes for 2014

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Surfskischool Logo


It has been some time since the Surfskischool in Durban has put up it’s prices.

The ABC of paddle course is now R 500 for 3 lessons. This includes an ABC intro class (10am) followed by 2 practice session in the ocean paddler class (9am).

For more information or to make a booking give us a shout on 0836600936 or email durbansurfskischool@gmail.com


Achieving Goals at Fenn Cape Point Challenge 2013

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Setting goals are alway important and the key to achieving those goals is putting positive structures in please to get your want to go. Goals can be anything from doing your first downwind to getting through a long tough race like the Fenn Cape Point Challenge.

Lee Millers Run

I have a couple people who took up the massive task of preparing for the latter, one of the hardest races in the world where the traditional downwind is thrown out the window and no matter what the weather at least half the race is into the wind.

Lee Cape Point

A big well done to the crew I coach for taking up and doing this massive race but for loving all the hard work in the middle. Congrats!