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Joining Epic Kayaks as an ambassador for 2017

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing

After paddling for most of 2016 without a boat sponsor I am really excited to have joined Epic Kayaks as an ambassador for 2017.

Through most of the last year I paddled an Epic v14 out of choice because of the boats cockpit comfort. I have really battled in the last couple years with fitting into boats with my big frame. Most of my training partners are shocked at the but pads and foam I have to add, just to get into most top end boats.

I have been very lucky to have build a great relationship with the guys from Epic over the last couple months and am super stoked to be partnering with them this year. This has been made even more special with the introduction of the new v12. I have been paddling it the last couple weeks and excited to put it through its paces this season. A full report on the v12 soon!

In the mean time check out the video I did for Epic using my GoPro Hero 5 Session Camera’s Supplied by World Of Heroes


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