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Investec Sporty Anderson Surfski (2nd) and Canal Challenges (1st Mixed)

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing


It’s taken me some time to put pen-to-paper, after an emotional week in St Francis. The value of life and it’s vulnerability  were put into perspective through the loss of one of our Surfski community members.

If you follow any of my social media posts you would have already known that a paddler from Port Elizabeth, Trevor Vaughan, passed away tragically after the finish of the Surfski race in St Francis.

My heart goes out to his family, friends and the paddling community who are mourning his loss.

After a very busy Christmas week in Cape Town we were in need of a good holiday.

Arriving in St Francis in the Jeep Team Grand Cherokee, the idea was to kick the feet up after a long year of racing and have a little fun. There were two races on the cards for the week, one in the sea and the other in the canals, which were to be used to balance out the week of swimming, surfing, beer tasting and beach cruising.

Unfortunately I had been battling with a pinched nerve in my neck resulting in some numbness in my hand. This wasn’t going to detract from the fun to be had on the water, as a large field of over 80 paddlers lined up for the Sporty Anderson Memorial. I had the privilege of spending time with Sporty many years ago in Cape Town, where he helped me as a young kid. He would’ve loved seeing so many paddlers lining up in his honor.

I got off to a good start through the surf, leading out the front group towards the port. Top Australian paddler Reese Baker, out in South Africa on his honeymoon, turned the first can with Kyle Friedenstein and myself in tow. We all took different lines on the way to the river mouth with Reese getting there first with a 50m lead. Once on the flat water of the river he put his ears back and charged to a commanding lead.

The first double had come through the field, picking up Richard “chopper” Von Wildemann, then Kyle and myself. We cruised through the canals amongst the beautiful houses as a group, all having a great chat about how awesome the setting was and how lucky we were to experience this beautiful part of the world. The run over the sandbank at the river-mouth split us up and I knew this was a defining point in the race. I had a very good put-in, breaking away from the rest of the bunch allowing me to come home in second on the day.

It was after the race the tragedy struck, as Trevor Vaughan passed away from a heart attack.

The paddling, waterpolo and lifesaving communities’ response to the loss of Trevor’s life was heart-felt, with people coming together from all over the Eastern Cape to participate in a paddle-out memorial on the St Francis canals. Tradgic  events like this truly put life into perspective, making us remember how short our stay here really is and to make the most of the time we have.

My girlfriend Carly, and I, made the most of the rest of our stay on holiday. The water was warm, the beer cold and friends a-plenty. I put this little video together from our time in St Francis, I am sure you will agree that the GoPro footage from my new hero session speaks for itself, it was a holiday of a lifetime.

Towards the end of the trip we also took part in the Canal Challenge. This for me was more of a social outing and I had the opportunity to take Carly in a double. Carly was thrown in the deep-end, and tasked with driving the boat. This was to give her an opportunity to experience first hand the elements of racing and paddling in bunches. She handled the task with flying colours, steering like a seasoned pro. We managed to win the mixed category and have a lot of fun in the process.

The holiday was finished off with a couple nights in the Berg with more family, making sure that we were refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

I cannot thank Jeep Team South Africa enough for the use of the Grand Cherokee for the tour. This machine is a work of art, making easy work of the long distances covered throughout the trip. Their support, along with that of Varsity College, make my paddling dreams come true, they really do have my back. The “Beast” has changed my outlook on what a great driving experience actually is. You have to test drive one of these!


I also have to thank my road trip partner Carly, for sharing the driving and most of all for her enthusiasm throughout. It would not have been the same without you, to many more paddling adventures to come.

Winter Bliss – GoPro Video’s from Surfing

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing

If you didn’t know I have a passion for the ocean and that isn’t restricted to a surfski. I love my surfing and have done my time on a wave-runner as well. One of the perks living in KZN is the Surf in the winter and we had a cracker this morning on the coast.

Turns out the hand mount works better for barrels (Russell Sadler used it well today) and the mouth mount is sweet for snaps/turns. Will be playing with more angels this winter. This one is one of my waves with a mouth mount.

My tow partner Russell Sadler had a great day. Here are 3 vids of his barrels.

Sunrise at the Durban Surfskischool – Video

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

I often rage about my home town of Durban on social media and how awesome it is to paddle here. Well I am not lying and think I have travelled sufficiently to state, Durban is the best place in the world to paddling in winter.

I had a GoPro handy to take some pics I popped into a time laps of the Durban Surfskischool class on Wednesday. This is what we are treated to on a daily basis. TOO COOL. It may be short but enjoy!

If you are interested in learning to paddle in Durban give me a shout on 0836600936 to book a session!

Find the GoPro – Win the GoPro Competition with 5FM

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing

I had the huge privilege to be involved in an innovative competition GoPro were running in South Africa with national radio station 5FM.

5FM put out clues during the day via the GoPro “World of Heroes” Facebook page HERE and Twitter HERE on where a member of the public could find me and intern win a GoPro.

Here are some of the clues that went out:

Well I was found by Dustin Webber: