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Imfolozi Lessons

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

My connection with nature manifests mostly in the sea, as that where I spend most of my time. I love the freedom of the ocean and it will be always be MY THING, but on the very rare occasion I get to head to the bush, and it always teaches me new lessons.

Most of all nature teaches perspective and what important to a wandering mind. The last couple weeks have been hectic and there is a lot in the air right now in my life, like moving house (and I still don’t have one to move to), to travel plans, to new work projects.

The freedom of riding my bike in the pissing rain, in the middle of a wilderness area, kind of just made everything make sense again.

No matter what it happening in your life, the thinking spaces that will help you make sense of it all will always be in nature. The more you get out in the sea for a surf, on a downwind all alone with the runs or in the mountains, the more enriched your life will be with clarity. Get out there and DO MORE in the open air!

Here are some GoPro Shots from an awesome weekend.