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Imfolozi Lessons

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

My connection with nature manifests mostly in the sea, as that where I spend most of my time. I love the freedom of the ocean and it will be always be MY THING, but on the very rare occasion I get to head to the bush, and it always teaches me new lessons.

Most of all nature teaches perspective and what important to a wandering mind. The last couple weeks have been hectic and there is a lot in the air right now in my life, like moving house (and I still don’t have one to move to), to travel plans, to new work projects.

The freedom of riding my bike in the pissing rain, in the middle of a wilderness area, kind of just made everything make sense again.

No matter what it happening in your life, the thinking spaces that will help you make sense of it all will always be in nature. The more you get out in the sea for a surf, on a downwind all alone with the runs or in the mountains, the more enriched your life will be with clarity. Get out there and DO MORE in the open air!

Here are some GoPro Shots from an awesome weekend.

Varsity College Multi Series 2014 – Race 1 – Giba

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing

I posted a couple weeks back (Here) on one of my favorite events for the year. I am so lucky to have the support of Varsity College as one of my awesome sponsors and it is so cool to connect with them at one of their very cool events, the Multi Series which I have been doing for years.


I signed up for the 20km MTB race which was a blast. Thanks to brother Warrick for the loan of a bike. After the Scottbrugh to Brighton the day before I was a bit tender but being in the open air in the bush was an awesome change up for the weekend.



Some things really stand out for me on why I love doing different events like this and hope some of my readers get of the couch and do the same soon.


So that’s 3 words not 1, well they all go together. The venues these vents take us to are amazing. For this weekend Giba is just 20min from my house yet far enough off the beaten track to find yourself well deep in the bush. There are so many trails at Giba to choose from on any day and the guys from the Multi Series put together a great course. Now Giba is in the bottom of a valley so it is straight up and down, the adventure of pushing my bike over rivers and riding some awesome single track, tick the right boxes for me on a day worth getting out of bed for. Its not easy but its not meant to be and I like it.


There really is something for everyone. From short to long trail runs, short to long MTB race as well as different distances in the Multisport race. With Warrior next week I am going to have enough running on my plate so decided to just tdo the MTB and what I win getting to choose exactly what I felt like.

The People

These events bring together like minded, adventure orientated families from 5 year olds doing the 5km fun run to Grand Dad handing out bottles to a father and daughter doing the Multi X. You get to meet some awesome characters who will enrich the experience. I also got to hang out with some of the VC sport life members who took home 1st and 2nd in the Multisport race showing how strong sport at VC has become. Team Jeep were also well represented with the youngsters getting in the mix all over the place.


Varsity College come hard at the event and from the second you arrive you know you are at a VC event with the campus’s all dressed in their respective campus colour’s, shouting encouragement from the gate to the finish line. The registration is a hive of activity with tons of people catching up after a long week of work excited about getting in the outdoors and the war stories of the trail are a plenty before the prize giving. Can’t beat it.

The Silence

The one thing people don’t talk about in sporting events, once the gun goes and the bunches start to split there is a great silence. I rode most of the way on the weekend on my own with the odd person passing me on the hills but in essence I spent time with my own thoughts, pushing the legs and lungs to my own rhythm. That freedom from the every day chaos is priceless and I find it in many places, mainly in sport and the outdoors. I challenge you to find some of this silence, this freedom.

The next event of the Varsity College Multi Series on the 24th August at Virginia Farm, Eston. More info at www.maxcluer.com

Big thanks to Varsity College for hosting the even and look forward to the VC vibe at the next one.


Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Racing

Some of my favourite event for the year outside of the Surfski vibe are about to start and am really excited my awesome sponsors Varsity College will sponsoring the Multi Series. I will be at the first event on the 20th July at Giba Gorge. Don’t miss out on these awesome family events. Check out the event poster and full story below:



Max Cluer Sports Marketing is proud to present the twelfth year of the Multi Series ! This exciting lifestyle series has grown and developed over the past decade and today offers a multitude of options for duathletes and specialist trail runners and mountain bikers alike. It’s really all about having fun in beautiful environments with your friends and family and like- minded energetic outdoor people.

Varsity College moves into their third year as title sponsor to the series. Varsity College, an educational brand of the IIE, is a dynamic young brand making it perfect partner to the Multi Series with its focus on a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Carole Adam, National Sports Manager at Varsity College commented , “Varsity College is the proud title sponsor of the Multi Series and has a Sports Life initiative at each campus which encourages students to get involved in healthy outdoor lifestyle-orientated sports such as MTB, Canoeing, Trial Running, Surfing etc. The Multi Series is a great fit to take our Sports Life vision to the next level!”

The Multi Series is designed around the family, it’s all about getting out there and having fun. Mountain Biking and Trail Running make up the two core disciplines. The venues are beautiful and safe and make for a fantastic day out. Participants can compete or take part in various formats, as an individual or as a team. The Full Distance event is geared for the weekend warriors and the racing athletes and a half distance event for the younger generation and less experienced, the perfect platform to learn and get involved before taking it to the next level.

The first event takes place on the 20 July at Giba Gorge. With the second series on the 24 August at Virginia Trails in Eston. The third and final series on the 21 September at Baynesfields.

Participants may choose between the MULTICROSS, MTB and TRAIL RUN SERIES. The full course MULTICROSS comprises a 5km trail run, 19km MTB and 2.5km trail run while the short course is made up of a 2.5km trail run, 10km MTB and 1.25km trail run. The stand alone Mountain Bike series offers a 40km Classic, 19km and 10km, and the TRAIL RUN options include 15km and 5km fun run/walk.

With catering and beverages on offer, ablution facilities with hot showers, medical and safety standards to spec, Max Cluer Sports Marketing strive to offer their participants a value for money package and a ‘feel good’ experience. Bring your mountain bike and helmet, and running shoes for a great day of fun and exercise with family and friends.

For more information visit www.maxcluer.com.

Enter on www.roag.co.za .