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GoPro Video – Day in the Life of a Varsity College Student

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

I just love this video, using GoPro’s to tell a cool story of what life is like as a Varsity College student. 8 students were given GoPro’s to film their average day and this is the result.

Varsity College students live the slogan “take life to the next level” in every way, from adding to their skill in the lecture rooms, living a balanced life with the SportsLife program and networking with their peers.

I love how the VC Sport Life Program is so prominent in the video, with students using sports like paddling and surfing to opens so many doors, keep healthy and meet like minded people.

The Business School at Varsity College

Written by Barry Lewin on . Posted in Coaching

Though my relationship with Varsity College I have been exposed to a number of different parts to their offering as a learning facility.image002I started in full time classes, at their Durban City town campus in 2002 and it amazes me how things have evolved. I love walking through the Varsity College campus’s of today, as the hallways exude a vibe that is young, fun, yet professional. The inspiring quotes on the walls pushing the purpose of why the students walk the halls, to expand their knowledge and open their minds.

As Varsity College has evolved so has their part time offering. This section of Varsity College has recently taken on a new look and feel under new name “The Business School at Varsity College”

In my studying career, I did a number of class’s part time, and believe it was very influential on the way I do business today. The people in my lectures had great practical examples, real world experience and a unique perspective I hadn’t found in full time classes.

It even shows in how the Business Schools see themselves. Check out their intro from their website.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.51.21 PM

I wanted to know more about the Business school, so organized to sit in on a lecture this last week.

Walking into the class I got a warm greeting from the lecturer and students (all business owners themselves). Most were chatting in groups like old friends having done a couple of weeks together already in the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Course. The proceedings kicked of with a 15min open floor chat relating to what was happing in the students businesses. This was awesome for me, a business owner myself, seeing others with similar struggles and successes.

The experience was a blast from the past in some ways for me, seeing open minds, interacting and learning from one another as I did during my degree. The look and feel of the Business School may have changed but the ethos of preparing students for industry and their careers is still the focal point of the learning.

I was impressed with the lecturer in navigating and nurturing the high level of interaction between the students. He added structured theory to the student’s practical applications and even offered in some examples from his own business (also being from industry like the students made it easier for the students to relate).

I certainly come away from the experience with one thing being very clear, “We Never Stop Learning”

Now that may seem cliché, but seeing 20 business owners, taking on the world, trying to improve themselves and there business, is really inspiring. At no stage do we as humans do ourselves any favors by sitting still and resting on our loral’s. It’s by getting out there and challenging ourselves that we grow.

I certainly will be challenging myself more leading into 2016. I challenge you to do the same. If you would like the challenge to be a course at the Business School check out their website at www.thebusinessschool.co.za for the courses they offer.

You are also welcome to drop me a email with any questions to barry@barrylewin.co.za